PSPF 2013

Another great year in Palm Springs.  This year it was a bit later than usual and that means that it was HOT!   I was assisting the fantastic Roger Ballen and we spent a lot of time out in the desert shooting in abandoned towns around the Salton Sea. There were 16 attendees in the workshop, as well as myself, Roger, his assistant, Margurite, and another assistant, Heather who was also my roommate and savior throughout the week. We were a large group ambling around the desert in large white vans.   The 4 day class was called THE FINE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY MASTER CLASS.  

If you're not familiar with Roger's work you should really check it out.  Dark, ambiguous, and a little creepy, he's made a name for himself with his black and white images, shot on film, and often controversial.  Here's a peek.


All images property of Roger Ballen.

As always the week was inspiring, educational, and exhausting!  Here are some photos from the workshop.

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